Changing Leadership Dynamics In Nonprofit Organizations

To coincide with our more than 25 years in the executive search business, we took the opportunity to look at trends in leadership needs and issues for nonprofit organizations in this changing landscape and, equally important, what part executive search firms can and should play to help boards and candidates find good fits that work for both. We gathered information and insights from our clients, colleagues, and from observers of the nonprofit sector, and we hope that the knowledge gained will be useful throughout the sector and to the search firms that serve it.
Our findings and quotes from interviewees fellow. To read the full report please click on:Changing Leadership Dynamics In Nonprofit Organizations

"For-profit and nonprofit are the same at the end of the day. It is about running a business, finding good people, competing effectively, and measuring results. Today more qualified candidates come to organizations with a broader package of experience and have operated in a world that is more complicated and more competitive..."

Management, Leadership, Governance and Generational Change

"Nonprofit organizations are becoming larger and more complex as the problems they are trying to solve become "huge." There are more moving parts – financial systems, employee expectations, and infrastructure issues – to manage and greater organizational needs to understand."

"New members need to think more clearly about what they are signing on for. Some are surprised at the amount of work that is required and that board members are required to do their homework."

"Our leadership is still grappling with the best way to involve Board members in the life of the organization."

"While boards want to be brave and bold, deep down they don't really want to support significant change. Or they want the change but don't want to deal with it when it happens. The obvious generational shifts in both Board and staff leadership will force changes and will hopefully provide the wherewithal to address and manage the fallout."

"Today, the definition of "good fit" is more complicated and complex, as are institutions. It is harder for a new CEO to be successful today because organizations need their executives to have greater skillsets to lead strategic planning, develop a range of staff members, and fundraise. "Fit" crosses a number of disciplines."