Citizens Committee for New York City

Chief Executive Officer, New York, NY



The mission of the Citizens Committee for New York City is simple: To help New Yorkers especially those in low-income areas to come together and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.


For more than 40 years, Citizens Committee for New York City (CCNYC) has been reinventing New York City neighborhoods through resident-led initiatives and commitment. It is the powerful spirit of local engagement that drives the work of CCNYC. Founded by Senator Jacob Javitz and Newsweek editor in chief Osborn Elliot during the depths of the 1970s financial crisis, CCNYC continues in the spirit of empowering all of the citizens of New York City, regardless of economic means, to improve the quality of life in New York City. The organization offers comprehensive microgrants to address critical community needs. CCNYC does not just stop with the financial support that grants provide, but offers critical complementary services in the form of technical assistance to grantees.

Over those 40 plus years, CCNYC has succeeded in building a unique, impactful, and respected organization, and now seeks a dynamic, inspirational, and entrepreneurial leader to position it for sustained success in the next 40 years and beyond. The Board of CCNYC seeks an energetic, transformative, and visionary leader capable of steering CCNYC through an ambitious and innovative period of growth that will double its grantmaking ability. The Chief Executive Officer will be passionate about New York City and its diverse neighborhoods, as well as be goal driven and highly motivated to build on the tremendous relationships already developed by CCNYC with state and local government officials, and enhance the organization's relationships with top community and business leaders.

The Chief Executive Officer will cultivate the necessary partnerships to raise awareness of CCNYC to amplify CCNYC's community reach, and allow community members to unleash their energy, intelligence, and influence to inspire meaningful and enduring change in their own communities. S/he will enhance the image of CCNYC and draw on their relationships and personal brand with the business, legal, and political community to attract accomplished board members that are highly engaged and willing to leverage and secure resources. All of the efforts of the next leader will be driven by a sense of passion, community, respect, humility, equity, and action.

CCNYC's funds come from a combination of corporate, government grants, private foundations, and individual donations. It has an annual budget of approximately $3.5 million. The Chief Executive Officer is a member of the 25-person Board of Directors and leads a staff of 14.


CCNYC's new Chief Executive will formulate and execute a compelling vision for the organization with a view towards energizing and transforming CCNYC's presence, recognition and standing as a leader in supporting New York City's constituencies, and increase the organization's impact and reach. S/He will be an energetic and enthusiastic representative of CCNYC and committed to its constituencies, vibrancy, and growth. The Chief Executive Officer will be a sophisticated and charismatic leader active in all aspects of the organization and an integral member of the team and the organization's culture. The new Chief Executive will be comfortable and experienced in interacting with senior business, political and social leaders and adept at using his/her influence with senior leaders to achieve CCNYC's mission.


Articulate a clear, compelling vision for the future of CCNYC that raises the organization's presence, recognition, and standing in New York City and increases the organization's impact and reach;
Provide strong leadership to engage the Board and staff in executing the vision and affect CCNYC's goals as formulated by the new Chief Executive elements of which should include:

o Increasing CCNYC's stature; deepening relationships with the business community, media, elected officials, and civic leaders in order to grow support for the organization; leveraging Board members' connections for the good of the organization;
o Partnering with the Board to attract, recruit, maintain, and engage a strong, diverse, and committed Board of Directors;
o Providing leadership and vision to expand fundraising initiatives with a view toward increased corporate and individual support;
o Overseeing the development of a comprehensive marketing plan that raises the visibility of the organization and increases CCNYC's social media presence.


The Chief Executive Officer will have:

A passion for CCNYC's mission; a record as a strong, inspirational and ambitious leader and ability to articulate that mission with conviction and clarity; capable of building support for his/her strategic vision among many constituencies;
Executive presence and ability to network with and influence senior members of the business, philanthropic, social and political communities with a strong network of contacts;
A reputation for successful and visionary leadership and management of high functioning teams and the ability to inspire, influence and guide CCNYC staff while setting appropriate expectations and controls;
Good business acumen; nimble and entrepreneurial; able to apply sophisticated management experience to the organization's practices and procedures; able to build new relationships and collaborations as a way to leverage assets and expand reach;
Ability and ambition to raise significant funds to expand CCNYC's budget and cultivate and solicit strong donors;
The ability to balance respect for the organization's history with the need for creativity, innovation, and growth;
A demonstrated love for New York City and building stronger, more vibrant neighborhoods.


An ambitious leader, who will take a "business-like" approach to create and respond to new opportunities;
An articulate and persuasive communicator, who thrives in the face of large audiences and the media;
An inclusive style with respect to empowering the staff and engaging the Board;
Excellent problem-solving skills and a no-challenge-or-problem-too-tough attitude;
A persuasive manager able to achieve consensus; a decision-maker who can be firm, fair, and flexible as needed;
An ethical person who imparts stability, trust, integrity, and common sense, and who can motivate others to new levels of achievement.

For more information on the organization, please visit https://www.citizensnyc.org/.

Please send applications or nominations to Susan Meade and Paul Spivey at CCNYC@PhillipsOppenheim.com.