Fairfield County's Community Foundation

President and CEO, Norwalk, CT



"To promote philanthropy as a means to create lasting change in Fairfield County."


As a nonprofit partner and thought leader since 1992, Fairfield County's Community Foundation brings together passionate people and trusted resources to solve the region's challenges through innovative, collaborative solutions. Together, the goal is to close the opportunity gap in Fairfield County by eliminating disparities in income, education, employment, housing, and health.

Fairfield County's Community Foundation's vision, "To foster a vital and inclusive community where every individual has the opportunity to thrive," is guided by a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, collaboration, and integrity. Among the largest of Connecticut's 17 community foundations, FCCF is dedicated to supporting donors, nonprofits, and the whole community. To donors, the Foundation serves as a philanthropic advisor, manages charitable assets, and administers donor-advised and other charitable funds. For nonprofits, FCCF serves as a one-stop resource hub for high-quality training and has awarded over $316.8 million in grants. As a community leader and partner, FCCF serves as a county-wide unifier, bringing the public, private, and nonprofit sectors together to better tackle challenges.

Fairfield County's Community Foundation is poised today to embark on a strategic direction with two main areas of focus:

  • Addressing inequity in regional social systems with investments in effective programs and services that have an impact in residents' lives, and
  • Addressing systemic deficits with investments that address the root causes of disparities, both racial and economic.


Reporting to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, the President & CEO is the chief partnership relationship officer, the Foundation's spokesperson, and chief relationship manager for the Board of Directors. The President and CEO works effectively in partnership with the Board, staff, donors, other foundations, agencies, public officials, and the community at large to further the mission and goals of the Foundation. The President & CEO is a non-voting ex officio member of the Board.

The Foundation manages assets of approximately $250 million, grants of approximately $20 million each year, an annual budget of approximately $30 million, and a staff of 32. The President & CEO oversees a senior leadership team of seven reports: Chief Community Impact Officer; Chief Financial Officer; Chief Operating Officer; Vice President of Development and Philanthropic Services; Vice President of Human Resources; Senior Director, Revenue and Business Development; and an Executive Assistant.

Located in Norwalk, the office has been operating a remote working environment, and will move into a flex hybrid model that will allow staff to make their own in-person or remote schedules. Monthly full-staff meetings will be in person.


  • External Leadership Lead with a mission-driven sense of urgency and commitment to the donors, grantees, and other partners. Translate the vision, values, and mission of FCCF into actions that make a meaningful difference in the lives of the communities and constituents served. As such, the President & CEO, on behalf of FCCF, will develop an effective business plan that provides effective ways for people in the community to give charitable dollars and for the Foundation to meet its mission. Serve as a respected thought leader in the field of community philanthropy, staying abreast of new developments and ahead of the curve.
  • Partnership Identification and Management: Work collaboratively with other private and public funders, foundations, and grantees for greater social impact.
  • Education and public engagement: Help shape the agenda and decision-making of government and other external stakeholders.
  • Passion for Seeing Fairfield County Thrive by Closing the Opportunity Gap: This goal will involve a heart-calling and full engagement in observing and understanding what is (systems, communities, and people) and envisioning and devoting efforts towards what could be, even though the results may come well into the future.
  • Issue-Area Visionary Leadership: Lead the vision and thought leadership in the Foundation's focus areas and communicate this vision as a visible spokesperson.

  • Internal Organizational Leadership Inspire with a strategic vision while attending to day-to-day operations, donor relations, partner collaborations, programs, and activities. Lead, support, and guide a committed, passionate, and knowledgeable staff that has embraced shared leadership. Facilitate effective and collaborative work of the senior leadership team, assuring and strengthening alignment with organizational values, strategy, and the business plan. Make decisions that result in efficient and effective Foundation functioning. Take the recent strategic plan concepts and create and implement the tactical plan, incorporating buy-in from Board, staff, and external partners.
  • Staff Management: Maintain a relatively new organizational structure to realize the Foundation's vision and strategic plan and to ensure staffing to sustain them. Create ongoing opportunities for learning, professional growth, and creativity, and foster an inclusive culture where all staff can thrive.
  • Financial Management: With the CFO and other staff, ensure the Foundation's fiscal sustainability and health, attending to both longer-term financial forecasting, the efficient administration of day-to-day operations, and alignment with the Foundation's vision and mission. Hold the organization to the highest levels of accountability and consistency with respect to all management systems, asset investment and management, accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, funding, cashflow, and cost reporting.
  • Programmatic Management: Work with the Board and staff to develop programming, grantmaking, and grant management strategies and systems that are effective and aligned with the Foundation's vision and mission, ensuring that such strategies and systems are implemented well.
  • Legal Issues Management: Work with the Board and staff to ensure compliance with legal requirements of community foundation management, ensuring that compliance systems are implemented well.
  • Accountability and Evaluation Management: Work with the Board and staff to establish accountability standards and systems that track the Foundation's effectiveness and impact.

  • Internal Governance Leadership Establish a strong working partnership with the Board of Directors built on trust that enriches their experience and brings forth their best ideas and efforts in governance and inspires their maximum financial support. Facilitate the work of the standing Board committees. Help strengthen the Board through the recruitment of new members as needed.
  • Mission Stewardship: Partner with the Board and lead staff to define and execute the Foundation's strategic plan, communicate it effectively internally and externally, and ensure that it serves continuously as an inspiration and guide.
  • Board Relations: Work with the Board to help ensure that it is properly constituted and trained to conduct effective governance. With Board leadership, help develop and strengthen processes to ensure greater engagement by the individual members of the Board in ways that align with FCCF's strategic needs and each member's skills and interests.
  • Values and Ethical Standards Management: Work with the Board and staff to ensure adoption of and adherence to appropriate values and ethical standards in all Foundation business.
  • Identity Management: Work with the Board and staff to ensure proper care and development of the Foundation's history, culture, reputation, and image.

  • Development and Fundraising Work with the Vice President of Development and Philanthropic Services and staff to lead fundraising and the engagement of Board members to sustain, diversify, and strengthen financial support. Shape a business plan with both a revenue strategy and funding model that increases reliable revenue over time. Strengthen existing funding relationships and identify and secure new sources of funding, including the corporate sector. Strengthen the strong culture of philanthropy within the organization in which Board and staff serve as ambassadors and engage in relationship building.

  • Partnership and Business Development Serve as a driver of innovation by continuously scanning for new opportunities and new potential partnerships that support progress on FCCF's mission. Increase the level of income generated from programs and services. Evaluate and ensure that all programs are coordinated and relate to the overall strategy and mission. Align staff functions and responsibilities based on programmatic goals and promote new lines of business and strategic alliances.

  • Communication Oversee communication of the organization's vision for philanthropy "as a means to create lasting change in Fairfield County." Serve as a visible spokesperson for sustaining current resources and attracting new ones. Build upon FCCF's reputation as a recognized leader and partner in the field. Reach media, policy and decision makers, and other important constituencies about the organization's mission, services, programs, and impact. With staff, monitor key trends and issues in the field of community philanthropy and community impact and communicate their implications to staff and Board with recommended action.

  • Learning for Improvement Regularly assess alignment of organizational structure, staff, and functions with evolving strategic direction. Hold the organization accountable for achieving intended outcomes with solid metrics. Support, manage, and implement strategic planning, implementing strategies for promoting continuous improvement and accountability. Promote ongoing learning internally and externally by setting expectations and modeling a commitment to give, receive, and integrate feedback.


The President & CEO will:

  • Be an unwavering champion of FCCF's mission and vision.
  • Be knowledgeable about Fairfield County overall and knowledgeable about the distinct differences in community priorities, strengths, and challenges.
  • Be an experienced leader with the credibility to engage and inspire a diverse set of constituencies around the Foundation's mission, including donors, staff, philanthropic and other nonprofit peers, local and state government, and the media;
  • Be a leader with demonstrated experience putting equity into practice, who leads with humility and listens with understanding and treats everyone with respect and with a consultative and inclusive internal and external management style; be a consensus builder able to make tough decisions when necessary.
  • Have demonstrated leadership experience with transforming an organization at a pivotal time.
  • Have proven managerial, problem-solving, and strategic-planning skills as a results-oriented executive in a growth-oriented environment. Have a track record as a manager who holds staff accountable through significant organizational change and growth.
  • Have demonstrated ability as a catalyst for transformative change to balance long-term strategic vision with daily operational responsibilities; have the ability to attract and retain top people to work for the organization and to nurture high-performing teams; have the ability to share responsibility for leadership of the organization and partner with the Board and staff to set goals, track progress, and assess effectiveness of the organization.
  • Have a high level of emotional intelligence, with the ability to bring people together around a shared vision and common cause.
  • Inspire trust through integrity, competence, and follow-through.
  • Be a talented fundraiser who enjoys the opportunity to secure resources and rises to the occasion.
  • Have a deep understanding of the philanthropic and nonprofit fields with respect to capacity building, evaluation, change management, governance, and organizational learning; possess a firm understanding of the philanthropic community and community impact its policies, leaders, trends, and funding matters.
  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills; a comfort level and ability to communicate with widely differing audiences.
  • Enjoy collaborating with others to develop creative ideas and approaches; possess a sense of optimism; effectively bring out the best in others; have demonstrated experience navigating partnerships and collaborations.
  • A bachelor's degree is required; an advanced degree is preferred.

Compensation and Culture

The salary range for this position is estimated at $250,000 to $280,00, and benefits are competitive. Fairfield County's Community Foundation is committed to an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible work environment, and further recognizes that diversity in our workforce fosters excellence in our mission of advocating for the Fairfield community.

Please send nominations or applications, including all contact information, to G. Angela Henry and Addie Jones at FCCF@PhillipsOppenheim.com.