World Monuments Fund

President & CEO, New York, NY



World Monuments Fund (WMF) is the preeminent nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the world's most treasured places of cultural heritage. Since its inception in 1965, WMF's experts have been racing against time, applying proven techniques to preserve important architectural and cultural heritage sites on more than 600 projects in 90 countries. Today, with affiliate organizations in Britain, India, Peru, Portugal, and Spain, WMF sponsors the conservation of cultural heritage worldwide. The World Monuments Watch, a global program launched in 1995 on the occasion of WMF's 30th anniversary, aims to identify imperiled cultural heritage sites and direct financial and technical support for their preservation. Widely recognized as the "gold standard" in global cultural preservation with a pioneering track record of accomplishments throughout the world, WMF works through partnerships with local communities, funders, and governments to identify preservation issues and empower local teams to develop conservation strategies, management plans, and training programs to ensure that sites remain protected well after WMF's involvement is done so communities and sites improve together.

With only four CEOs over 54 years, WMF seeks an exceptional leader who can build upon and leverage its distinguished record to: save and preserve from damage and destruction architectural masterpieces and sites of significant cultural heritage around the world; catalyze communities in capacity building to protect and preserve their heritage; respond quickly and decisively to increasingly frequent natural and man-made disasters; train people in restoration craft skills; and continue its role as a leading advocate of the essential importance of heritage preservation. Based in New York City, WMF exercises a global reach with an operating budget of $11,385,500 and a full-time staff of 22, as well as in partnership with an international Board of 29 members. To learn more, please visit www.wmf.org.


The CEO of WMF needs to possess exceptional executive leadership abilities with a track record of fundraising, hands-on strategic management, and effective advocacy experience, preferably in one of the following fields: heritage preservation, architecture, art history, archaeology, or related activity. This experience may have been gained in diverse contexts including nonprofit, corporate, and government entities. Foremost among the CEO's personal characteristics will be the ability to communicate, motivate, and inspire the confidence of a wide variety of constituencies. She or he need not come from the preservation movement but must evince a serious interest in and concern for conservation of the world's cultural heritage and a willingness to master the fundamentals of the field.


The WMF President & CEO will be a respected and socially astute leader with the proven ability to develop and execute a compelling vision that embraces and expands on what it means to champion and preserve cultural heritage across the globe today. In addition to the professional responsibilities incumbent upon any chief executive, WMF has the following key priorities for its CEO:

  • Possess and promote a demonstrable passion for cultural heritage and preservation, with an eye toward its future while respecting its past; act as a visible and credible advocate for WMF worldwide with government leaders, donors, partners, staff, and the public;
  • Evaluate and build upon WMF's ongoing effort to align priorities with resources, effort, and results; continue to increase efficiencies, improve communication and collaboration, identify and leverage opportunities, and publicize results; ensure approved sites befit the mission and capacity of the institution;
  • Involve the Board and staff in a comprehensive strategic planning process to identify opportunities, priorities, and proposed actions with metrics; oversee its successful adoption and execution;
  • Energize and lead WMF's fundraising programs, increasing its public, individual, corporate, and foundation fundraising efforts and developing new opportunities for support and engagement; inform, engage, and inspire the Board to work together around shared interests and to be generous with its ideas, energy, and resources;
  • Advance WMF's commitment to excellence and engagement; encourage professional collaborations that reinforce its unique role in the heritage arena and leverage its impact;
  • Delegate, empower, and hold people accountable to clear goals; design and execute an organizational structure that enacts institutional best practices; manage, motivate, and mentor dedicated professional staff;
  • Ensure WMF is truly international serving, recruiting, programming, and engaging an audience and supporters as broad and diverse as the projects and countries it serves; pursue a digital strategy that facilitates effective international collaboration and is able to evolve as the field advances.

Please send applications or nominations to Sarah James and Becky Klein at WMF@PhillipsOppenheim.com.