Transportation Alternatives

Executive Director, New York, NY


Mission: To reclaim New York City's streets from the automobile and advocate for better bicycling, walking, and public transit for all New Yorkers.

We are building a movement to make our streets safer, greener, and more equitable for all New Yorkers with an emphasis on biking, walking, public transit, and emerging forms of micro mobility. Streets and sidewalks comprise 80 percent of our public space in New York City but right now, car and truck traffic dominate, polluting, congesting, and endangering the lives of New Yorkers. Transportation Alternatives believes that this public space belongs to the people of New York City, and we are working with New Yorkers in every borough to reclaim our streets.


Transportation Alternatives (TransAlt) is an innovative, fast-growing, highly respected transformational organization and movement at the forefront of an exciting moment of transition and dynamic growth in the transportation landscape. As a long-time cycling organization, TransAlt activists are leading the fight to improve infrastructure for bicycling, walking, and better traffic enforcement by unleashingthe voices and power of New Yorkers to take full ownership for the safety of their neighborhoods and streets. TransAlt is committed to achieve Vision Zero the elimination of traffic deaths and serious injuries on New York City's streets.

With an unwavering determination, the Executive Director must share a firm conviction and a sense of urgency in transforming public space to make streets safe and accessible. Moved to combat the socio-economic and racial injustice prevalent in the allocation of resources for neighborhoods, the Executive Director will have the executive presence and level of influence to represent effectively the clarion voice for equity for all New Yorkers. He/she will advocate for the organization's focus areas with a diverse constituency of community partners, donors, and city and state officials.

To build upon TransAlt's 45-year record of achievements, the Executive Director must have a commitment to the organization with the vision, energy, spirit, and sense of perseverance of an activist. The entrepreneurial and creative Executive Director will manage and inspire staff to achieve strategic outcomes and must be a dynamic fundraiser who can cultivate and build critical relationships for organizational growth. In addition to fundraising, the Executive Director will set overall direction and vision and work with the organization's leadership team to execute goals and objectives, including in the areas of outreach, strategic planning, programming, communication, advocacy efforts, and coalition building.


Following protests by a core group of cyclists who waged the Action Against Automobiles Campaign, Transportation Alternatives was founded in 1973 as a New York City-based nonprofit membership organization. With over 100,000 supporters and committed activists in all five boroughs, TransAlt has become a model for other "safe streets" organizations in the United States.

TransAlt has successfully led the reclamation of miles of New York City streets, with the construction of over 1,000 miles of bike lanes and over 70 public plazas on New York City's streets. As a pioneer, TransAlt successfully fought for the first public bike-share system, the first protected bike lanes, the first automated speed and red-light enforcement camera systems, and the first Vision Zero initiative in the country. TransAlt publications have played a significant role in influencing policies for street safety.

TransAlt has a staff of 30 and an annual operating budget of $4.2 million.


  • Leadership and Strategy Build upon 45-year history providing inspirational leadership to a motivated and committed team with a common vision and purpose. Establish effective decision-making processes to achieve its long- and short-term goals. Provide evaluation of staff, offering opportunities for professional development. Promote a culture committed to equity. Report to the Board of Directors, direct the Senior Leadership Team and lead the Advisory Council and Families for Safe Streets TransAlt's major advocacy committee. Ensure diverse representation in all of these groups. Serve as a thought leader in the field.

  • Government Experience Be politically savvy with local legislative and government experience and a firm understanding of the levers of power and how to navigate the legislative process, including the ability to listen effectively with the temperament to work with those who oppose TransAlt's mission.

  • Board Partnership Cultivate a strong and transparent working partnership with the Board of Directors about the measurement of financial, fundraising, programmatic, and performance goals. Encourage their best ideas and efforts in support of activities and fundraising initiatives. Help build a diverse and inclusive Board. In coordination with the Board and Senior Team, develop, refine, and implement the strategic plan.
  • Resource Development Serve as a gifted and talented fundraiser and spokesperson who enjoys and relishes the opportunity to increase, diversify, and secure resources from private and public funders and special events, as well as through the development of revenue-generating vehicles. Support and oversee the necessary research, sourcing, messaging, cultivation, closing, and stewardship to maximize the organization's financial health.

  • Management and Operations Have experience with organizational management with progressively responsible senior roles in an organization focused on transportation reform, urban design, public safety, or other relevant fields. Balance long-term strategic vision with daily operational issues.Manage with a collaborative style and attract and nurture high-performing talent. Enhance administrative and management systems, internal policies, and procedures. Oversee daily operations, including human resources, financial management, and information technology, and the implementation of policies and procedures. Ensure sound financial controls are in place and funds are spent effectively.

  • Communication Serve as an articulate and persuasive spokesperson to diverse audiences in the external community and media, spreading best practices, influencing public policy, and raising funds. Demonstrate superb written skills. Oversee, identify, and develop a strategic plan with the Communications Director to communicate goals, strategies, and successes. Adeptly use technology to market the organization with consistent brand identity in all marketing efforts. Capitalize on public-relations opportunities.

  • Movement Building With powerful community-organizing skills, strengthen the movement, inspire spirit and democratic engagement of a broad array of stakeholders to transform public space. Have success as a coalition builder, persuasive negotiator, and consensus builder, unifying internal and external stakeholders with an appreciation for bottom-up democracy.

  • Growth, Quality Improvement, and Evaluation Serve as a steward of responsible growth in scaling the organization. Achieve maximum growth in the programs' focus areas. Evaluate and enhance the organizational structure, staff, and functions to ensure that programs and operations are effective.

  • Education Master's degree in relevant field or JD preferred.

Transportation Alternatives seeks a diverse pool of candidates. Salary will be negotiable commensurate with experience. Applications, including cover letters and r sum s, and nominations should be sent to the attention of Paul Spivey at TransAlt@PhillipsOppenheim.com.

For further information about Transportation Alternatives, please visit www.transalt.org.