HALL Park Frisco Park

Executive Director, Frisco, TX


Seeking a mission-focused, financially astute, community-minded, collaborative Executive Director to lead the nonprofit mission of the Frisco Park (working name and referred to herein as the "Park"). The Park will be a 5.71-acre public park and is being designed in the image of and by same landscape architects that did the 5.2-acre Klyde Warren Park ("KWP") and the 5.9-acre Levy Park in Houston, Texas. The design and construction of the Park is inspired by the major positive impact that KWP and Levy Park have had on their respective communities. A governance structure, which will include multiple community leaders including Communities Foundation of Texas and the City of Frisco/Parks & Recreation Department, is in the process of being formed, and the Executive Director will ultimately report to this body.


The Park is seeking a cause-driven leader with competencies in fiscal management, fundraising, building relationships, leading operations, and inspiring people. The Executive Director must have an entrepreneurial mindset and be able to build a team, create a business model, and deliver the vision of the Park. Maintaining, improving, and growing programs, as well as fostering partnerships, will be critical in the success of the position. Fundraising and capital campaigns will be an essential aspect of this position and in the success of the Park.

A demonstrated ability to actively seek out new and innovative ideas in developing strong relationships with community leaders and other nonprofits is essential. The Executive Director will be expected to take a hands-on approach in leading the Park's daily operations. This person will emphasize maintaining high employee performance standards while generating excitement and enthusiasm of staff and volunteers to create loyalty and commitment among these groups. The Executive Director will possess a strong business sense coupled with outstanding interpersonal skills and a desire to become actively involved in the community.


  • Minimum eight to 10 years' experience in a senior management role at a comparable organization with direct supervision of multiple levels of staff and employees.
  • Fundraising experience including annual and capital campaigns, sponsorships, event rentals, and grants.
  • The ability to develop and strengthen community relationships.
  • The ability to develop programs and review and enhance programs being offered or considered in broadening the Park's engagement in the communities in which the Park serves.
  • Accredited four-year college degree with a focus on business, management, and/or finance.


Creative Thinking and Strong Fiscal Management Skills Accompanied by a Conservative Fiscal Philosophy

The Executive Director must be able to:

  • Demonstrate creative thinking and strong relationship skills.
  • Work closely with design teams, architects, and key developers to help with signage and overall design oversight to ensure maximum underwriting and activations opportunities.
  • Demonstrate financial expertise necessary to forecast financial trends while leading the organization to balance or surplus operations by growing revenue and controlling costs.
  • Demonstrate previous successful experience in making sound financial decisions.
  • Remain informed on operational issues, with the ability to quickly address any issues that might arise as well as forecast future needs.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to equity and inclusivity by building programs and activities that serve all members of the community.

Fundraising and Strong Donor Relations

Seeking a leader who can strengthen the ability to raise money through a comprehensive approach, which should include:

  • Procuring grants, sponsorships, and capital giving and organizing special events.
  • Designing and implementing additional capital fundraising campaigns to increase the Park's presence in the community.
  • Raising sufficient funds for the initial community capital campaign to cover initial building and design costs as well as future costs to cover both the operations and maintenance of the Park.
  • Developing and work with the onsite team to create events that will generate revenue for the Park.
  • Serving as the principal "deal maker and negotiator".

Operations and Day-to-Day

  • Establish a team to help curate future programs that impact community needs and solidify organizational sustainability, leading to superior results in programs, membership, and community engagement.
  • The Director will serve as manager of internal communications and work with partner communication team and PR firms as needed.
  • The Director will be the face of the Park and be the press spokesperson.
  • Work and collaborate with key development and management for all new surrounding buildings including the food hall, hotel, office, and executive suites.
  • Future operations goals once the Park is open: Attract visitors to the Park by sustaining a safe and clean space with free programming and activities. Additionally, create events year-round to bring families together at the Park.

Strong Community Collaboration

  • Maintain strong relationships with the Park's community partners, nonprofits, and sponsors.
  • Continue to advance the reputation of the Park as one of the best parks in the country.
  • Maintain relationships with city personnel and other civic leaders.

Relationship Skills

The Executive Director must take a "lead by example" approach in order to:

  • Establish a culture around the core values of trust and commitment of the Park's vision to achieve high-quality results.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills while creating an energetic, fun work environment to retain employees and volunteers.
  • The Director will serve as personnel manager by identifying and managing a strong staff and mentoring staff to develop a strong skillset.

Please send applications or nominations to Mark Tarnacki at FriscoPark@PhillipsOppenheim.com.